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Fun Summer Activities To Do With Your Kids!

1. Have a picnic at the playground.

2. Kick off your day with donuts and smoothies at the park.

3. Host a cookout.

4. Roast marshmallows over a campfire and make s’mores.

5. Camp out in your backyard.

6. Go for a family bike ride.

7. Have a water gun or water balloon battle.

8. Play shaving cream twister.

9. Play backyard Yahtzee with giant dice and a bucket.

10. Blow bubbles.

11. Play frisbee and kickball.

12. Fly a kite.

13. Play water balloon baseball.Summer Activities

14. Cool off at a free spray spark.

15. Place the sprinkler under the trampoline or jump on it with water balloons!Summer Activities

16. Go hiking.

17. Have a nature scavenger hunt.

18. Sit on the ground with your kids and identify the shapes of the clouds.

19. Put on old shoes and go for a stroll in a stream.

20. Pick strawberries at a local farm. Summer Activities

21. Go to a baseball game.

22. Watch a movie at the drive in.

23. Visit the local zoo.

24. Go to a parade.

25. Make a sensory bottle aquarium.

26. Join the Summer Storytime program at your local library.

27. Go to a beach.

28. Spend the day at the pool or waterpark.

29. Go to a carnival or a fair.

30. Visit an amusement park.

31. Take your scooters to a local skate park.

32. Watch a fireworks show.

33. Play a round of mini golf.

34. Watch the sunrise.

35. Build a sandcastle.

36. Make your own tire swing.

37. Turn your slide into a water slide by placing a hose at the top and a baby pool at the bottom!

38. Make water bombs out of sponges.

39. Create your own backyard splash pad! Summer Activities

40. Take a dip in a small pool filled with water balloons.

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